Hail damage repair services in San Bernardino, Ca

Hail damage repair

Hail Damage repair in San Bernardino Ca? Here at San Bernadino Dent Repair, we specialize in performing the best automobile hail repair services. We are reliable, and will get the job done quickly and safely- fixing your car right up so that it looks brand new again. Our staff has years of experience and skill in removing dents and rust from your vehicle. Whether you are looking for just a little hail repair, or need to completely strip off the entire exterior of your car, our team can help.

Automobile Hail Repair Service

Hail storms can hit with little warning. If your car is not in a garage, it’s virtually impossible to prevent from getting damaged by the icy projectiles. Over time, these dents can become unattractive and even more expensive to fix. Hail storms can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, but automobile hail repair is definitely possible- not to mention affordable. Our team is here to make sure that your vehicle is looking great in no time at all.


My Car Was Dinged And Dented In A Hail Storm. What Should I Do Now?

1. Take a close look at your car in different kinds of lighting. Sometimes you can see the hail damage right away, but other times the damage is not so easy to spot. It can be difficult to find, but if you know where to look, you can probably spot hail damage on your car. Take a close look at the dings and dents on your car and consider if each one is an individual damage item, or if they are all part of the same hail damage area. Check all of the panels on your car for any loose parts as well.


2. Take a look at your current insurance coverage. First, find out whether your car is covered for repairs for hail damage. Secondly, find out the deductible on your policy. It’s always best to get on top of these problems as soon as possible. Call your insurance company and be prepared to ask for help with hail damage, because you will most likely need it. Don’t worry about being rude or disrespectful, because insurance companies are often ready to assist you.


3. Give San Bernardino Dent Repair a ring. Our team will inspect your vehicle for hail damage and provide a quote as soon as possible. We’re here to help you with any of your questions. If you need more information on auto insurance coverage or any other related question, let us know at any time.


4. Schedule a time to visit the mechanic for an inspection. Preferably this is done by someone qualified to inspect your vehicle like we are here at San Bernardino Dent Repair. Ask them about how they inspect vehicles, what they check for, and what their qualifications are. A general rule of thumb is that the more qualified and experienced someone is, the better they will be at providing an accurate quote.


5. Insurance companies often use a ballpark estimate, NOT the true cost. Once you have a quote, call us to get the real cost of fixing your car. Insurance companies are notorious for lowballing the cost of repairs. This is why it is important to get multiple quotes. Once you have more than one, call your insurance company and tell them the price difference between your quotes and their estimate. Most likely they will cover the full cost of the real price- which is more than they had offered in the first place!


6. Make sure that the repairs are made by someone reputable. Many auto hail repair shops are not equipped to complete the repairs properly. This leaves your car’s safety in jeopardy, so make sure that you are dealing with a reputable hail repair shop. There are many different types of cars, and there are many different hail repair techniques. Make sure that your car is repaired correctly; otherwise, you could be stuck with a poorly repaired vehicle!

We specialize in the repair services for hail damage for every type of customer- individuals, dealers, fleets, and insurers. Whether you have one car or hundreds of cars with damage, we guarantee timely and professional service. San Bernardino Dent Repair is also available for repairs after other destruction disaster scenarios. To do the job properly, we make use of the latest, up-to-date technology, in addition to adhering to stringent quality control methodology. We’ve been in the industry for years and we’re confident to say that you’ll feel at ease, knowing that you’re dealing with experts who have your best interests in mind.

Hail damage repair services in San Bernardino Ca

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