Paintless dent repair was invented by chance in 1960, just like other clever inventions invented earlier such as post-it notes, corn flakes, and penicillin. A staff member at Mercedes was assigned the task of repairing any scratches, dents, or bumps caused on cars by onlookers in the course of the day at the International Motor Sports Show. After pushing out a dent using a hammer, he realized that repainting it wasn’t necessary. Oskar Flaig, an ordinary staff member went back to Germany and polished this technique, known popularly today as PDR repair services. This technique was brought to the United States in 1983.

Paintless Dent repair

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

  1. Evaluate the extent of the damage.

PDR can be used to repair most small dents that come from hail damage or other common accidental bumpings. We diligently assess the damages in your whole vehicle and then provide you with a written quotation for the estimated work.

  1. Remove Panes.

Repairing dents and other alterations on the body of vehicles work from inside out using the PDR services. For that to happen, we have to disassemble your tail lights, door panels, and any other points of access to the dent in order to repair the auto body of your vehicle from the inside.

  1. Push out the Dents

San Bernardino Dent Repair will push out the bumps or dents on your car out to their initial position with precision and care using unique tools specialized for the task at hand. This operation is comparable to massaging knots off your body. The restoration process is done systematically to get rid of the bump or ding and leave your car as new.

  1. Restore the Paneling.

All the panes that were removed before the start of the service are then carefully fixed back or replaced with newer ones if need be. Voila, the PDR service is over, and your vehicle is restored to its previous condition if not better

What Does Traditional Dent Repair Look Like?

Traditional dent repair cannot match up to a PRD service because it requires much more work and the outcome cannot compare. Firstly, a filler is applied to the auto body of the vehicle. Then, precise touch-up paint is used to match the filler to the exact color of your car. However, the dent on your car’s auto body is left as is. In turn, the resale value and the structural damage of your vehicle can be adversely affected. With paintless dent repair, there are no fillers or any other additional materials needed to repair dents on your car.

San Bernardino Dent Repair PDR Services

San Bernardino Dent Repair offers outstanding paintless dent repair services for your car, truck, fifth wheel or trailer. We can repair damages caused by hail, fender benders, and minor door dings. Once you drive into our service center, we work our best to ensure that your vehicle is restored to a condition better than it was before. We aim to make sure that you cannot identify where the damage was after we restore it.


At San Bernardino Dent Repair, we use top-notch technology and apply high industry standards to our services. However, we still charge affordable prices to our customers. Any time your car body needs repair in California, be sure to call San Bernardino Dent Repair for the best services.