When Can Rock Chips in a Windshield Be Repaired?

It’s an all-too-common, yet terrifying, occurrence: a pebble bounces off your windshield as you speed down the road, leaving a star-shaped ding in your glass. This is not only an aesthetic flaw; it seriously jeopardizes the integrity of your windshield, making it significantly less capable of protecting you and your passengers.

If a damaged windshield has so severe an impact, you might ask when replacement is necessary—that is, when the defect is repairable. The good news is that it generally is. San Bernardino Dent Repair, your paintless dent repair experts, describes a few scenarios below in which mending your windshield rock chips is as simple as a visit to our facility.


When the damage is limited to the glass’s exterior


This is true of many rock chips. If they don’t go more than halfway through the glass area of the windshield, you’re probably in luck—it can probably be fixed, and you won’t have to spend a large out-of-pocket expense for a whole replacement.

Of course, the depth of the fracture isn’t the only factor in determining if you’re eligible for rock chip repair. If it’s causing problems in other ways, you may need to replace it. However, if it’s a shallow crack, you’re generally on the correct route for repair.


When the Diameter of the Rock Chip Is Small


The size of a rock chip that can be mended depends on the technician and a number of other elements, such as how close to the edge of the windshield it is and whether or not it has any fractures sprouting from it. Repair is a potential option if the chip is more of a chip than a massive, crushed hole, in general and normally speaking.


Even if your rock chip is little and you know it can be repaired, there’s no excuse to put it off! Rock chips steadily splinter and expand, and if left alone, you may require full windshield replacement as the chip splinters and enlarges.


Small cracks surround the chip.


The extent of the fractures is, of course, determined by all of the other components that comprise a rock chip—size, position, technician ability, and so on. Anything less than three inches long can usually be mended, but deeper cracks may necessitate a windshield replacement for your and your passengers’ safety.


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